Saturday, 1 September 2012

Party Bags

Upon 21 days to go, i shall show to thee, the favours for my party!

so here they are i made them myself! using celetape, parcle string, brown enviloves, pen and craft papers.

In each bag there is a alice band, mini heart bubble wand, sherbet bottle with home made drink me lable tied to it, shabby chic notbook and eraser, nail file and nail separator

also in each bag there is a surprize gift different in each one either: a butterfly hairclip, flower bath bomb, pencil, plastic necklace, plastic bangle, hair extention, gummy burger, nail varnish, jet ball or plastic ring!

I hope everyone likes them, i might also do a copy of alice in wonderland for people to go home with, im going to a car boot tomorow so i will have to look realy hard. ttfn tata for now! XD!

5/09/2012: I took out the sherbet and replaced them with a pen to math the notebooks, the bottles will be used through the party!

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