Saturday, 23 August 2014

Katie in wonderland

For my party in less than a months time :) 
I am having a alice in wonderland party AGAIN! 
Non of the friends came to my previous one so this is a great opportunity to redo it properly.

Here are the images of my 18th:

So far for my 20th I have organised: 
Cute drinks... I removed the origanal wrapper and used a 20p second hand alice in wonderland book to relabel them. I will be adding more detail to them soon. 
Sweetie mushrooms... As guests enter they have to eat a mushroom and drink a vile of drink to enter the rabbit hole 

As party favors I made my friends a 'unbirthday present' containing a copy of alice in wonderland, a pack of playing cards and a heart tube of bubbles ( yes I did buy the same ones as my 18th) 
They are finished of with a wonderland gift tag. 
My Macmillan coffee kit arrived today and. I am using it to raise money at my party for them. 

More to come soon.... 

Monday, 3 September 2012

alice in wonderland party games

Pass the teapot-
Simular to pass the parcle, but you pass a teapot round. Inside there are many sweets attatched to truths or dare. If the music stops, the person holding it pics out a sweet and answers the truth or does the dare, depending on what it is and if they do it they get the sweet. When all the sweets are gone the teapot is passed round one final time. When the music stops whoever is holding it wins a prize.
Musical teacups-
This is a sitting down version of musical chairs. You must have on teacup for each peson each marked on the bottom with a different number. The music starts and everyone passes the teacups one way making sure that no- one is going to fast so the person next to then doesnt have a pile building up. When the music stops someone pulls a piece of folded up paper from a bowl. Each piece of paper will have a number on each same as the teacups. If a number is called out, for example 3, the person marked as number 3 is out and their teacup is too. The game continues until there is one person left, they win a prize!
Caucus Race-
This game requires balloons. Split everyone up in two teams and they line up in a strait line with a small gap between them and a bigger gap between the two teams. One Each team, the person at the front of the line is given a ballon then they pass it over there head, the next person in the team passes it under there legs, then the next over, the next under and so- on. Then when the ballon gets to the end of the line, the person at the end has to place it between there legs and bounce to the front of the line. if the ballon pops the team have to get a new ballon. this carries on until everyone has gone round. If there is one less person on one of the teams then the person who is at front on the team has to go round twice to make it fair. When the team is complete they sit down. the first team to complete win a prize.
Chase the ace-
Chase the ace is a card game not using jokers. Everyone sits in a circle and one person deals out a card ending with themself. No one is to show there card to anyone but if they have a jack they turn it over and place it on the table in front of them so people can see what it is! Starting to the person on the left of the dealer and going clockwise the peson chooses to stick with the card or swap it with the person on there left. The aim of the game is to end up not with the lowest card out of everyone (ace is low). If the person to the left of them laid down a jack they cant swap and have to stick! It continues round the circle back to the dealer. On the dealers turn they can either choose to stick or cut the pile for a chance of getting a better card. then eveyone turns round their cards and places them showing in front of them on the table. The person/ people with the lowest card/s are out. then it is the person on the left of the last dealers side to deal the cards. The game continues and whoever is still in at the end of the game wins a prize.
Picture bingo-
This is played like normal bingo. I made enough bingo cards for each person with 9 squares on each and different alice in wonderland pictures on. The pictures are called out one at a time. When someone covers up all 9 pictures they shout out off with your head and they win a prize!
My mum prepaired a quiz based on alice in wonderland with 20 questions. Everone splits into small teams or individually and is given a piece of paper, a pen and a clipboard or book to lean on, or we might do it at a table. They write down 1 to 20 (1:, 2:,3: ect...) down a collum on the paper, there name/s at the top and answer the questions on the paper. When everyone is finnished they swap with a nother team/ person who will mark it as answers are called out. The person/ people who have the most correct win a prize!
Scavenger hunt-
In teams people are given a list on a clipboard, a bag and a pen. Everyone is sent outside. They must answer the questions or find the objects on the list. So it might say how many houses are in this road or find something white. when they have completed the list and a adilt has checked it and it is all done. the first team wins!
I have a book of alice in wonderland puzzles with 24 pieces each. I sepparated 3 puzzles into 3 enviloves. Each team is given a envilope. Then everyone tips out their envilope and have to put together their puzzle on the floor. the first team to compleate win.
We will be playing croquet neer the bgining. When each peson has their go they will add up as they go along, how many times they hit their ball with the mallet untill the end of the game. Then they will total up the score, who ever has the least hits of the ball wins!
Twinkle Twinkle little-
What you do is to take some words and write them down on a piece of paper and stick in a hat. Then one at a time have the party guests choose a word. Then using that word – lets say it is ‘Cat” they have to come up with their rhyme. So with Cat it could be something like; Twinkle Twinkle Little Cat, Why are you hiding in the Mad Hatter’s Hat.
 Pin the grin on the Cheshire cat-
This game is basicly pin the tail  on the donkey! I will draw on a massive piece of paper a picture of the cheshire cat and blue tack it to the wall. I will also make enough cheshire cat grins, one for each person. The same size as the Cheshire cat mouth. Grab a blindfold and we are ready to play!
Mad hatter hat toss-
Everyone takes it in turns to stand on a marked off line to toss the mad hatter hat. Each time we will mark of where it landed. whoever frows it the furthest is the winner!
Memory game-
Playing cards placed downwards shuffled with their back showing so people can see what they are. Everyone takes it in turns to choose 2 cards. If they match (2 Ace's, 2 Jacks, 2 Fours) then they keep them and its the next persons go. If they dont match you place it back down so people cant see and its the next persons go. When all the cards have gone, whoever has the moast cards win!
Excuse Me, What Are You Doing?
This game is for 4 or more people, where you say one thing but do another. To play, you pretend to do an action like washing your hair or drinking tea. The person next to you then asks, "Excuse me, what are you doing?" You have to say something other than what you are really doing. So if you were pretending to brush your teeth, you could say, "I'm eating cookies." Then that person has to pretend that she's eating pizza and say something different when the next person asks her, "Excuse me, what are you doing?" If a player makes a mistake, she's out. Try to keep it going around the circle and see how fast you can go!
Corners of a room are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4. Then a adult stands in the middle of a rom blindfolded and all the kids run to a corner. Then the adult might say "3". whoever is in corner number 3 is out!





Sunday, 2 September 2012

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Party Bags

Upon 21 days to go, i shall show to thee, the favours for my party!

so here they are i made them myself! using celetape, parcle string, brown enviloves, pen and craft papers.

In each bag there is a alice band, mini heart bubble wand, sherbet bottle with home made drink me lable tied to it, shabby chic notbook and eraser, nail file and nail separator

also in each bag there is a surprize gift different in each one either: a butterfly hairclip, flower bath bomb, pencil, plastic necklace, plastic bangle, hair extention, gummy burger, nail varnish, jet ball or plastic ring!

I hope everyone likes them, i might also do a copy of alice in wonderland for people to go home with, im going to a car boot tomorow so i will have to look realy hard. ttfn tata for now! XD!

5/09/2012: I took out the sherbet and replaced them with a pen to math the notebooks, the bottles will be used through the party!