Saturday, 23 August 2014

Katie in wonderland

For my party in less than a months time :) 
I am having a alice in wonderland party AGAIN! 
Non of the friends came to my previous one so this is a great opportunity to redo it properly.

Here are the images of my 18th:

So far for my 20th I have organised: 
Cute drinks... I removed the origanal wrapper and used a 20p second hand alice in wonderland book to relabel them. I will be adding more detail to them soon. 
Sweetie mushrooms... As guests enter they have to eat a mushroom and drink a vile of drink to enter the rabbit hole 

As party favors I made my friends a 'unbirthday present' containing a copy of alice in wonderland, a pack of playing cards and a heart tube of bubbles ( yes I did buy the same ones as my 18th) 
They are finished of with a wonderland gift tag. 
My Macmillan coffee kit arrived today and. I am using it to raise money at my party for them. 

More to come soon.... 

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